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Dunkeldorf Miniatures - A line of characterful thugs & shady townsfolk miniatures for RPGs and Tabletop Games

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Happy New Year!
12 days ago – Wed, Jan 05, 2022 at 01:17:02 AM

Hi everybody!

We hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and got safe and sound into 2022! Nana and I have recharged and we're ready to power through to make sure that the remaining pledges are shipped out swiftly!

This update is to keep all of you informed about the current shipping status, but it also includes a couple of points that we want to mention that may be useful to know. 

We don't have any "Fresh" pictures to show in this update, and we'll instead continue with some of the great unboxing pictures from the Dunkeldorf Community

Posted by Patrick

Shipping Status

  •  Where we are? We have JUST caught up with all regular work after our vacation and tomorrow we'll get cracking again with Dunkeldorf pledges. We're highly motivated and aim to get the last ones out as fast as possible, while still doing quality control and double checking content to avoid mistakes. 
  •  What's left? We have a little more than 1/3 of all pledges to to go, which is around 250. 
Posted by Mads - Primed and ready for paint!

A Few Points

We have received so much great feedback and we're so happy to hear that you all like the miniatures so much. We hope the last of you who haven't received your pledges yet will be happy, and that you don't mind having waited a bit longer than others. 

We'll jump straight to a few points that cover some questions some of you may have. 

1. Bases! We have realized that we didn't do a proper job at letting you know that there are no Plastic "Slotta" bases included with the miniatures. We made this decision with our last campaign, as we knew that many backers wouldn't be using them. Instead we decided to use the costs of bases for Stretch Goals that all backers could use. The plastic bases could then be purchased as an Add-on in the Pledge Manager. This was the same approach this time. 

In our last campaign we made a big deal out of informing everyone about this, and for some reason I was absolutely sure that we had of course done the same during this campaign. Unfortunately that was not the case, and I only mentioned it in the comments section. 

We just wanted to let you know, that if you're one of the backers who wasn't aware of this and you don't have a selection of your own preferred bases ready at hand, then send us a message and we'll figure out a solution :) 

Posted by Terry

2. The Mutated Piglet and Puppy. We ended up getting a few more than we had mentioned here on Kickstarter, but we didn't want to promise anything as we weren't sure all of them would be delivered in time. They were! Which means that many more of you are getting one as a bonus, and a few lucky ones are even getting both, this is not a mistake, but just an extra surprise. 

For those who weren't lucky to get one, we'll of course make them available in the next Dunkeldorf campaign. 

3. Issues? We're doing our best to double check all orders (Which is why packing is so time consuming), we're also doing quality control, but with over 20.000 miniatures (Without accounting for scenery, pets & accessories!) being shipped out, a few mistakes are bound to happen. 

Should you encounter one of those, send us a message and we'll get it sorted out! We do ask a bit of patience in these cases though, as we want to prioritize getting all remaining pledges shipped out first. 

Posted by Pekka

4. Engel's dog, Old Traud. We haven't heard any feedback about this, but I thought I would mention it nonetheless. Some of the Traud casts have a bit of flash around the left ear. Casting the old mutt wasn't an easy task and it was either a bit of flash or changing the miniature design. If you notice that the "Gap" is filled out, then you can either leave it as it is and paint it black or (What we recommend) remove the flash carefully with a knife. With a bit of sanding around the edges, it shouldn't be noticeable! 

5. Tracking Information. Once your pledge has been shipped, you should receive a tracking email from the Danish courier PostNord. Once the parcel reaches the destination country, you can then use the code to track it with the official Postal Service in your country. 

If you don't receive a tracking email, it's most likely due to an error in the system (Perhaps it wasn't scanned initially) OR I have messed up and not clicked on the email notification box. It doesn't mean that your pledge hasn't been shipped. 

6. The Map of Sven's Brewery. We haven't forgotten about it! - Once all pledges have been shipped out, the final details on the map will be added, and then we'll include it in an update :) 

Posted by Pablo

That's it for this time! We'll be back with another update later in January. Thanks again for all the wonderful feedback, and we'll do our best to make sure that those of you who are waiting won't have to wait long :) 

- Nana & Nicki

Shipping has Begun!
about 1 month ago – Sun, Dec 12, 2021 at 03:10:31 AM

Hi everybody! This will be the shortest update of the campaign so far, we're very busy packing pledges, but we wanted to quickly update you on where we are with everything :)

We started shipping out pledges earlier this week, and it's clear to us that packing them are more time consuming than the previous campaigns, primarily due to having everything available from all three Kickstarters. 

Despite of that, and the fact that this is our busy season with our regular webshop work, we have still managed to pack close to 200 Dunkeldorf pledges this week, all of these are Kingpin and All-in pledges (The largest and slowest ones to pack)

Nana and myself will be closing down for the holidays on December 22nd, we always try to wind down around that time and take it easy. We'll do our best to get as many pledges as possible out before then. The goal is that we'll reach a total of around 450 pledges shipped out before closing down. 

After that, we don't expect to be packing more pledges until 2022, but we promise that the remaining ones will be shipped out as fast as possible in early January. 

Below you can see one of the "Unpacking" pictures that have been shared in the Dunkeldorf Community, this one was taken by Garrett Sheehan. It's so nice to see everything presented like this and it means a lot to us to hear all of your nice comments, here and in the community! It's especially motivating when we're in the middle of shipping out pledges :)

In case we don't post another update before 2022, we want to wish you all happy holidays and thank you once again for the tremendous support that made this campaign possible. We're so proud of this Kickstarter, and we personally feel that this is the best of the three Dunkeldorf campaigns. Everything just came together for this one, and we hope all of you will be happy with, and enjoy the miniatures once you get them. Thank you❤️

- The Dunkeldorf Team

Dunkeldorf November News
about 2 months ago – Sat, Nov 20, 2021 at 02:06:26 AM

Hi everybody! It's time for the November update and there are lots of good news!

Address Lock 

We will be locking addresses on Monday, so if you have recently moved, please go to BackerKit and update your address! If you’re about to move, just send us a message to organize when and where you want us to ship your pledge to. 

3d Print of Emmerich

Some of you still haven't finalized your pledge, if you are having issues, please contact us so we can help you fix it :) - Please check your spam folder for any emails from BackerKit as well, we will send out a reminder later today to all of you who are missing (About 20 backers). 

Resin & Metal Status 

All of the resin* is being shipped out today and we expect that these 4 packages, containing 58 kg of Dunkeldorf resin casts, will arrive late next week (Fingers crossed for no nefarious interference along the way to Denmark!)

* Unfortunately half of the copies of Martha will arrive around mid-December, the reason being that the 3d print of her was delivered later than planned for casting and this has caused a slight delay.

We expect that the final batch of metal casts will arrive before the end of November as well, which contains the last 3 miniatures + Schnövsen and the Winged Rat Mutant (But also the 2 Mystery Stretch Goal pets)

Sven’s Brewery Map

Jerome has finished the map! The final version of the map will be ready in January with all these blank parchments filled out, and a link to download it will be included in January’s KS update. The good news is that you’ll be getting two versions of the map! A Black & White version, but also a coloured version. 

Tracked Shipping

All parcels will be shipped with tracking. Once your order is shipped, you should receive an email with the tracking information. This is handled by the courier, so we apologize if you for some reason don’t receive such an email. Some of you will begin getting tracking emails in early December!

Video Preview

As we'll soon be sending out parcels, we thought it would be fitting to include a video by Magnus "The Creative Kobold". Magnus received a preview of some of the miniatures from this campaign and made this excellent video to show them! Unfortunately the A3 poster that was included had a rough ride to Magnus and we have found a solution that should hopefully avoid similar incidents when shipping out pledges. 

The Artwork

The 6th and final portrait artwork was recently finished, here's the mutant Herr Vogel and his familiar The Schnövsen. 

Here are all of the 6 character portraits laid out, Nana and I printed these ourselves and framed them, but they are currently being printed professionally and will be delivered to us next week. We have already received a test print that looked great and are just waiting for them to be delivered now. 

Shipping Estimate

Before we end the update we wanted to give our thoughts on the shipping estimate! Our initial expectation of December shipping sticks and a lot of you will receive your pledge in December, but currently we are expecting that some orders will be shipped out in early January. With the corona situation flaring up again in many countries, we don't know for sure how deliveries will be affected in December either. 

So even though we feel a bit bad about this, some of you will end up receiving your pledge a while before others. We are currently slightly behind schedule with the resin and metal deliveries (Not the caster's fault, we have simply had to order more than we had expected), plus with the 50% of the Martha casts being delivered in mid-December and with with Nana and myself closing down the business for the holidays in December, we are expecting that some pledges won't be shipped out until early January. 

The good thing for us is that it will make packing and shipping less stressful, and we hope that you don't mind a slight delay compared to some other backers who may get them earlier. 

One Last Thing

Remember the second Mystery Stretch Goal Pet that we wanted to keep a secret until you received your pledges? Well, forget about that nonsense! We can't wait any longer. 

Some of you may remember from the campaign that the Witch Hunter Captain Engel owns an old dog named Traud and that Traud may be assisting Engel on one final job before she has to retire from hunting and sniffing out mutants and heretics. Well, Engel has found a new companion to be trained, and hopefully manage to learn a few tricks and manners from Old Traud as well. 

The 2 original Pet Mystery Stretch Goals were that 200 random Kingpin/All-in backers would receive 1 out of 2 pets, but we have ordered a few extra copies to surprise more of you with :D - At least 300 backers will receive either a puppy or a mutated piglet with their pledge!

I think that covers everything for now. Except, we'll be having a few Mug +More Give-Aways on the Dunkeldorf Facebook page in December, so if you fancy a chance of winning a Dunkeldorf mug, make sure to keep an eye on the December posts :)

Have a wonderful weekend ❤️

- Nicki & Nana

Important News from Dunkeldorf!
3 months ago – Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 01:37:28 PM

Hi everybody! Another round of important news coming up, which we'll get out of the way first, and then move on to some new, exciting pictures! 

Pledge Manager

All completed surveys in the Pledge Manager will be locked and charged on Tuesday November 2nd

The deadline for filling out the survey, if you haven't done so already, will be Wednesday November 10th. We will be sending out a few reminders over the next couple of weeks. If you receive such a reminder and believe that you have  already completed it, it means that you might just have missed the final confirmation step, just follow the link and go through the final confirmation step!

The finished artwork of Fernando & Alfredo

Once the pledges are locked, you can no longer add any extra Add-ons to your pledge, so if you want to add anything extra to your pledge, now is the last chance before it is locked!

Production Status

We recently received the final batch of prints (The last Mystery Stretch Goals) and they've already been sent for casting. These are the final things that need to be cast for the metal production, which means that we have about 85% of all the metal miniatures delivered. 

The resin production is going very well too and we expect that most, if not everything will be delivered before the next KS update in November. 

It's still a bit too early to say when exactly, we can begin shipping out pledges, but currently things are looking pretty good for our estimated delivery!

The Exciting Stuff! 

Right, with all the important information out of the way, we can move on to the exciting stuff: Pictures! Okay, we cheated a bit and tossed in the awesome artwork of Fernando & Alfredo further up, but that was just an appetizer!

Martha the Ogre Mercenary

The 5th portrait is of Martha the Ogre Mercenary. Sven hopes to persuade this terrifying woman to help him get rid of the loathsome halfling who owns the Prancing Peacock inn. A job Sven could easily handle himself, if only the feeble halfling hadn't hired a moronic ogre bouncer named Leopold to keep him and his establishment safe. 

The finished artwork of Martha the Mercenary

Gerd the Gong Farmer Kid

Gerd is ready to help his mother and father out, and learn the tricks of the gong farming trade. This is the finished print of Gerd and it's just such a wonderful miniature! As you can see on the picture, he also comes with a wheelbarrow full of all kinds of crap! 

3d print of Gerd the Gong Farmer Kid

Karla "the Fist" Painted

Karla's enjoying a "real" ale at The Prancing Peacock, while waiting for Mannfred to show up. Sven has tasked her & Mannfred with keeping an eye on Littleton and Leopold's activities.

Sven knows that a well-laid plan is crucial when taking out halflings, but unfortunately for the Kingpin, his plans have a tendency to not go quite as expected. This time however, he'll be properly prepared and absolutely nothing can go wrong...

Painted version of Karla "the Fist"

Map of Sven's Brewery 

The inked version of the Brewery map! We'll post a separate update once the map is ready to be downloaded. In the next Dunkeldorf Kickstarter we'll also be offering it as a physical print (Which we unfortunately don't have time to include this time). 

Caleavaleth the Envoy

The 3d print of the Community Miniature Caleavaleth, the sea elf envoy who recently arrived in Dunkeldorf. News of her arrival has rattled a particular citizen of Dunkeldorf and the townsfolk are having a hard time pronouncing the captivating elf's name. 

3d print of Caleavaleth the Envoy

Walther The Mutant Painted

When Sven and his gang were aggressively expanding in the harbour district, one gang was hit harder than others. Only a few members of the gang survived, including a high-ranking member, Walther, who fled into the sewers of Dunkeldorf. Since that fateful day, Walther has changed quite a bit, but has also found some friends who don't judge him by his new appearance.  

Painted versions of Ruth, Walther & Albrecht

Safiya the Bodyguard

We'll end the update with the final Mystery Stretch Goal sculpt, Safiya the Bodyguard. We decided to make some changes from the concept art of her, which we would have liked to explore a bit further during the campaign, but just didn't have time to. We instead decided to refine her in the sculpting process. 

The main changes are the added map case in her right hand, potion flasks in her belt, flower sigils and changes to her armour (The goal was to make it appear more light-weight) and her headpiece was also adjusted a bit.

3d print of Safiya the Bodyguard

We hope you like the miniature,  and if you feel that these changes are too big compared to what you expected, then it should be possible to change your Community Miniature choice in the Pledge Manager :)

That's it for this time! Have a great day and remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page (And FB Community) for more news in between these Kickstarter updates. 

- Nana & Nicki

Sven's Bitter News
4 months ago – Sun, Sep 26, 2021 at 01:24:45 AM

The latest batch of Sven's Bitter Brew is ready, gather round the table and have a sip! 

Sorry about the clickbait title, there actually aren't any bitter news - But we do have some important information in this update, particularly relating to the Pledge Manager. So now that you're here, let's get to it :D 

The Pledge Manager

Most surveys in the Pledge Manager have been filled out, 87% to be exact. So there's still a few missing, but not many. The deadline to fill out the survey is October 31. Please contact us if you for some reason haven't received an e-mail with a link to fill out the survey. 

Pledge Manager Reminders: Up until the deadline, we'll send out a reminder every now and then. If you receive such a reminder and you've already completed your survey, that means that you most likely haven't gone through the final confirmation step. Just log back into BackerKit and make sure that you've gone through the final step, afterwards everything should be in order! If you're unsure about something, don't hesitate to write to us :)

The Latest Sculpts & Prints

Here's a few pictures of some of the latest sculpts & prints. We'll show more in the next update as well. Sonny is currently finishing up the last two miniatures of the project: Safiya the Bodyguard & Caleavaleth the Envoy. These two will be done in September and then all the models are ready! 

The finished model & print of Gertrud the Gong Farmer (The Bucket is a separate accessory)
Print of Mannfred "The Egg"
Print of Karla "The Fist"

The Map of Sven's Brewery/HQ

Jerome has been working hard on the map of the Brewery/HQ, and Nana and I are absolutely blown away by it. We had originally wanted a 3d map of the building (Right side of the map shown below), which Jerome is quite experienced at drawing. 

Once Jerome got started though, we all quickly decided that the map should be expanded and also include actual floor plans. The result is what you see below. It's still Work in Progress, but even at this stage it's so cool to look at. There's plenty of small details, including ones relating to Sven's crew, which we'll go into more detail with in the future :)

Work in Progress of the map

From here on, Jerome will continue with the map digitally. We'll show more of the map as soon as there's any development. We're a bit bummed that we won't be offering this as a physical print, but at this stage we're afraid that we wouldn't be able to have it ready in time and get printed. We'll make sure to release it as a physical print in the next campaign.

The Character Portraits

Even though Christian has been very busy the last couple of months, he's been able to get a bit of work done on the portraits, and he'll of course get back to them as soon as his big gig is done! (If you're into Blood Bowl, you may very well get to see some of the work that Christian's been busy with)

The sketch of Fernando & Alfredo

The next update should show the picture above in glorious colours! The Mystery Stretch Goal Portrait will be of the mutant Herr Vogel, and it'll be a collaboration between Alessio & Christian, since Alessio drew the concept of Vogel. 

The Production Status

Not much has changed since the last update when it comes to the production. We have a very good amount of the metal casts with us already, and a few weeks ago we approved the casts of a new batch which are currently being cast up. 

We haven't received any resin yet (Other than approval casts), but this is not unusual as we'll receive more or less everything at the same time, when we're closer to fulfilment - This was the same case with our previous Kickstarter. 

All in all, things are going well and we haven't run into any bumps so far! 

One last thing!

We hadn't actually planned on showing this, as we wanted it to be a surprise, but we simply couldn't resist. 100 random Kingpin or All-in Backers will receive this little Mutated Piglet with 5 legs and two heads! 

Print of the Mutated Piglet

Another 100 random Kingpin or All-in Backers will receive a different pet, and we might actually keep this model a complete surprise, but who knows, we'll probably be tempted to show it once we receive the print :D

That's it for this time. The next update will be about the orders being locked in BackerKit, address changes and all of that! We'll be back again later in October, until then, we'll also post updates in the Dunkeldorf Community, our Instagram Page and main Facebook page

Have a great Sunday! 

- Nana & Nicki